Sunday, December 24, 2006

More ebay bracelets Here are some of my new bracelets that I have bought on ebay. One is a Geisha Treasures - Good Karma bracelet from one of my favourite designers - JunQueJules. I love this bracelet especially the Mah Jong pieces as my husband and I used to love playing Mah Jong. I love anything religious so I had to buy the icon bracelet from Karen Hickerson and I just had to have the religious medal bracelet.
My husband just shakes his head at my bracelet addiction - I'm lucky he is so tolerant. I have bought another bracelet which my son is bringing with him when he comes home from New York on holiday in January. This one is a tarot theme bracelet.
Quirky gals with attitude
One of my favourite doll designers is Jill Maas. I had a lot of fun making these two dolls from Jill's Ageing Angels pattern. I usually have one of them on my desk at work and I often get lots of funny comments especially from men. I love these quirky gals - they make me smile everytime I look at them. The hair on the purple one is made from bits of thread left over from sewing and I used old man's beard for the hair on the silver one.