Sunday, August 09, 2009

Great reads, snuggly crochet and a goodbye

It seems like ages since I last posted anything on my blog. I must admit that for the last few weekends (except when I have been working) I have spent my time reading - I blame the Logan City Library for acquiring such wonderful books. A few weekends ago I read 'Sweetness at the bottom of the pie' by Alan Bradley and this tops my favourite read for this year. What a wonderful book and one I couldn't put down. I am reading 'The Sting of Justice' by another of my favourite authors Cora Harrison. This is the third of the 'Mara, Brehon of Burren' series and I have enjoyed everyone one of them. A few weeks ago I read 'Silent on the Moor' by Deanna Raybourn, another favourite. I have to say that other than my family, my greatest joy is reading.
I am still so enjoying myself crocheting my wave stitch blankets. Since I last wrote I have started another wave stitch blanket this one with 2 rows (instead of 4) of the same colour. I just love the colours and it feels so snuggly as I am crocheting. Sadly the weather is starting to get warmer and soon my lovely blanket will have to be put away till next year.

At work we have had visiting our centre a PhD student, Nici from Austria. We will all be so sorry when she and her wonderful fiance, Andi, return home later this year. She is always so happy and it has been wonderful for me to chat with her and to find we both have a love of sewing and crochet. Nici and Andi actually got engaged whilst they were here which was very special. We will miss you Nici!