Sunday, August 03, 2014

a bit of this a bit of that

Here we are Grandad and Nanna in a drawing by our much loved grandson A. It is such a treasured drawing and it brings us such great joy.

I am taking part in the one and only Mary Ann Moss's sketchbookery class. This is my first attempt and I am so thrilled with it. It is such a wonderful class and I am learning so much especially just to have fun and not give up.
A visit to the Chung Tian Temple was such a delight. The gardens were serene, peaceful and beautiful. It was such a wonderful place to take some photos.
Spending time appliqueing is truly a joy for me. I seem to have been so busy doing other things that I have forgotten how much I enjoy spending time with a needle and thread in my hand.
Finally the joy of colour in our home. These two gorgeous chairs were once white and unloved. A couple of cans of spray paint and viola instant love and happiness.