Saturday, November 28, 2009

A wonderful day

I had a wonderful day on Tuesday. Our daughter Justine, who is expecting a baby in March, had to come up to Brisbane to see her obstetrician so it was a great opportunity for us to do some serious baby shopping. We know that Justine is having a little boy so it was just great that we could buy 'boy' things. How could we resist a pirate themed mobile and a Lamaze dragon. By early afternoon we went to 'Room with Roses' cafe for a well deserved treat. The roses on the table, the beautiful table settings and the food were delightful. The passionfruit sponge was mouthwatering. Here is Justine with the baby bump looking so happy.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

We are going to be grandparents

Patrick and I are going to be grandparents. Our daughter, Justine, and her husband, Andrew are expecting a baby in March. I don't think we have stopped smiling since they told us. This will be our first grandchild and we are so excited about this wonderful news. I spent a fantastic 5 days with Justine and Andrew in Sydney and I don't think they were many baby shops that we didn't visit. A whole new world of baby things has opened up to me.

I have started a baby quilt - Kookaburra Cottage's Noah and Friends - and I don't think I have enjoyed myself so much. I haven't finished the first block yet but here is a photo of Gerry the Giraffe (minus the butterfly). I think he is so cute.

My friend, Di, tells me that Nanna's are very special people and I can't wait to be a Nanna.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Great reads, snuggly crochet and a goodbye

It seems like ages since I last posted anything on my blog. I must admit that for the last few weekends (except when I have been working) I have spent my time reading - I blame the Logan City Library for acquiring such wonderful books. A few weekends ago I read 'Sweetness at the bottom of the pie' by Alan Bradley and this tops my favourite read for this year. What a wonderful book and one I couldn't put down. I am reading 'The Sting of Justice' by another of my favourite authors Cora Harrison. This is the third of the 'Mara, Brehon of Burren' series and I have enjoyed everyone one of them. A few weeks ago I read 'Silent on the Moor' by Deanna Raybourn, another favourite. I have to say that other than my family, my greatest joy is reading.
I am still so enjoying myself crocheting my wave stitch blankets. Since I last wrote I have started another wave stitch blanket this one with 2 rows (instead of 4) of the same colour. I just love the colours and it feels so snuggly as I am crocheting. Sadly the weather is starting to get warmer and soon my lovely blanket will have to be put away till next year.

At work we have had visiting our centre a PhD student, Nici from Austria. We will all be so sorry when she and her wonderful fiance, Andi, return home later this year. She is always so happy and it has been wonderful for me to chat with her and to find we both have a love of sewing and crochet. Nici and Andi actually got engaged whilst they were here which was very special. We will miss you Nici!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Amelia Doll

I have been quite sick over the last couple of weeks so I have missed blogging and reading all my favourite blogs. I needed something to cheer me up and as always when I look at the work of Dot Christian I feel happy and sparkly. Dot was selling one of her Amelia dolls in her etsy shop createarian and I knew this gorgeous blue/green Amelia doll was just the thing to lift my spirits. The picture does not really show just how much she sparkles when the sun catches her. I must admit that I have her sitting on one of our lounges and whenever I look at her I have to smile. I also have one of Dot's birds which I love. Thanks Dot for your fabulous, uplifting and sparkling creations.

One of my favourite authors

Kate White, also Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan, is one of my favourite authors. Imagine my absolute delight when I received one of her books for my birthday from my son.
When I opened the book and saw what was written inside I think I screamed. I was just so excited to see that it had been signed by Kate.
I have to keep opening the book and reading what Kate wrote. May there be many more Bailey Weggins books to read, enjoy and delight. Many thanks to my son, his girlfriend Ann and to Kate for the bringing me such happiness. I can't stop smiling.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, rain more rain and crochet

What a week it has been. So much rain fell over south east Queensland and so many homes have been flooded in Brisbane. My friend, Di, who has had a wonderful holiday touring New South Wales is trapped by the flood waters in northern NSW.
It was lovely to crochet at night and hear the rain on the roof (I felt sad for the possums who visit as they must have been very wet and cold). Peter (the female possum) came to sleep in the garage during the week so it was nice to know she was warm and dry for a few nights.
I have been inspired by quite a few English bloggers lately, my favourite one is Lucy's, who has the most colourful and fabulous crochet on her blog. Here is my latest work in progress - a wave stitch coverlet (it has been folded in three so it's a nice snuggly size). I am having a great time crocheting as it is so relaxing and I was thrilled when my daughter (who has a great blog Satsuki Designs) wants to learn how to crochet. She is a wonderful daughter, sewer, jewellery maker and hopefully now a crochet diva.As it is getting colder I can start some of my cross stitch projects. I have finally got my "Little House Neighborhood" pattern and I can't wait to start. I have seen it on quite a few blogs and it is just gorgeous. I love sampler designs so as soon as I get the threads I can start. I have a few Charles Wysocki cross stitch kits to finish and I also have quite a few of his jigsaws. I love naive art and the art of Charles Wysocki in particular.

Our daughter is coming for a visit soon which is wonderful and our son is enjoying himself in San Diego. It is my husband's birthday next week so I am looking forward to that, lots of books waiting for me at the library and an afternoon of sewing so I am very happy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maneki Neko, crocheting and birthday

Over the long weekend I finally stitched together the granny squares I made last winter. I think it will keep us nice and warm when it gets cold. I love bright colours and it was so nice to sit and crochet at night. Here is a close up of the blocks and on a bed - I hadn't realised just how big it was going to be. I have bought some beautiful crochet hooks on etsy so when I get them I will put them on my blog - they really are lovely and I can't wait to get them and start using them.

It was my birthday last month and I had a super day. I got to talk to my two children which was my best present of all. I had lunch and afternoon tea with friends and some lovely presents. Here are the fabulous things I got from my daughter even though I told her I didn't want anything.
I love and collect Maneki Nekos and here is a nodding one - she is solar powered so she pretty much nods the whole time - I love her. Isn't the Statue of Liberty fabulous - I love anything New York and this little lady has it all. The possum and cat mirror is so perfect as it reminds me of the possum who comes for a visit (we called him Peter until we saw her baby but we still call her Peter and I don't think she minds) and 'the cup' aceo which is just perfect.
Bookmarks are a great love of mine and I found some fabulous ones on etsy. Tigerpixie (Carrie) has a fabulous range of bookmarks and posters. When I ordered my fantasy cat bookmarks
I was lucky enough to win a poster from Carrie. I was so thrilled and when I received the poster I was so happy and I think when you see it you will see why. Is it absolutely fantastic. THANKS SO MUCH CARRIE. I LOVE IT.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Class with Sue Spargo

I still haven't come down from the high of meeting and attending a two day workshop with Sue Spargo. Sue is a fabulously talented, creative, and super person who was so happy to share her creative thoughts and inspire us with her magnificent quilts. It was also great to meet Sue's sister Wendy who had travelled to Australia with her. Here is a photo of Sue (and myself) and her magnificent Magnolia quilt which was the basis of our class.

The class was held at The Quilters' Store and Karen did a wonderful job. As always the shop was filled with many wonderful threads, fabrics and books to tempt us. I got a wonderful surprise for morning tea - it is my birthday this month and Karen came out with a birthday cake for another quilter and myself - you made my day Karen - many many thanks.
I made block #3 from Sue's book Magnolia. It was wonderful to see all the different interpretations of Sue's blocks and the use of many different fabrics and I especially enjoyed using wool felt. I will never forget Sue's wonderful African animals, birds, leaves etc all made with wool felt. I will always remember these two special days filled with creativity, laughs, learning, friendship and seeing Sue's art up close and personal. Thanks Sue, Wendy, Karen, all the girls in the shop and all the quilters I met.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No quilting but some shopping

I have been very busy at work so sadly not much quilting done. I am still working on my Pie and Tart quilt and Polka Dot Girls stitchery and having a fabulous time but not much progress made - oh for the day when I retire.
I have made a few purchases on etsy. Dot (famous for the Dotee doll) makes these amazing, beautiful, fabulous beaded birds and I finally managed to purchase one from her fabulous etsy store creatarian - Isn't she just lovely! You can read all about the wonderful Dot on her blog.

I love ACEOs and found some super ones as well as mirrors and magnets on Lindy Longhurst's serpentmandalas etsy shop. I bought more things than in the photo but they are presents for a friend so I can't show them just yet. I really enjoy reading Lindy's blog.

Matryoshka dolls are a favourite of mine and I bought these delightful ACEOs (the one on the left is an original) from loriotndorr.

It is my birthday this month and I bought myself the new Marilyn Monroe Barbie. I have to admit that I love barbies but I rarely buy new ones. I prefer buying old ones from op shops but I just couldn't resist this fabulous lady.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pink and other things

I, like a lot of other people, love the colour pink (well I work with two other people who love pink and my friend Di has bought the same vaio) so when I wanted to buy a laptop computer the choice was easy. So here is my beautiful, delicious PINK Sony Vaio.I have been having a great time paper piecing my Pie and Tart BOM quilt. I love hand work that I can do at night. I am getting my BOM from Sue Daley's Patchwork with Busy Fingers and I am so happy with it - the fabric, tips etc. are just wonderful.

I love having things hanging on the wall in my sewing room - here are two of my favourite dolls - an angel doll that I bought at 'Hail Mary I'm Home' in Sydney and the adorable Bubbles which I bought from a fabulous shop in Soho, New York. I just love them.

I am a very happy mum - our daughter came home for a visit which was absolutely wonderful and our son, who was on holiday in Florida, got to watch the Space Shuttle launch which is something he has always dreamed about.
I have a few goodies that I have been buying on etsy arriving soon so I will write about them when they arrive. I can't wait.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My sewing room

I haven't updated my blog for a few weeks. I have been working most weekends and with the devastating bushfires in Victoria and the floods in North Queensland I haven't really felt like blogging.
At the end of January I finally got around to giving my sewing room a good clean out and I am happy to say that even now in March it is still tidy.
I am still enjoying myself working on my polka dot girls and I have started my Pie and Tarts BOM. It is a lot of fun as I really enjoy paper piecing.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Polka-Dot Girls

I have finally finished by first block of Bronwyn Hayes' Polka-Dot Girls quilt. I am so happy to have found a group who are making these gorgeous blocks so I am going to have lots of fun whilst working on this delightful quilt. I only get the weekends to work on my quilting/stitchery so I try to make the most of every minute. I have become quite the 'weekend hermit' and I can't quite believe this but I don't even want to go shopping anymore (except for more fabric, threads etc.). I am going to work on my applique quilt today and listen to one of my favourite Agatha Christie stories.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Baskets, Berries & Leaves

I have finally finished my first block of Jan Patek/Alma Allen's quilt Baskets, Berries & Leaves. Hand applique has always been my great love and it was wonderful to get back to doing what I enjoy the most. Only eleven more blocks to finish along with my stitcheries, the calendar quilt, the star quilt, the butterfly's garden ..... etc. It is a pity I have to go back to work tomorrow as I have enough to keep me very happily occupied for the next few years at least.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Great reads

Over my holidays I have had the chance to read some wonderful books. Here are my favourites:
  • The Sugar Queen – Sara Addison Allen
  • The Glassblower of Murano - Marina Fiorato
  • The Chatelet Apprentice - Jean Francois Parot
  • Bad Lands - Selina Rosen and Laura J Underwood

I am currently reading The Private Patient by P D James - I must admit I have a huge crush on Adam Dalgliesh, well actually Martin Shaw who plays him in the BBC adaptations.

I have also been buying (again) from Amazon,
Patti Culea's new book - Creative Cloth Explorations: Adventures in Fairy-Inspired Fiber Art
Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed Media Creations and
Mixed-Media Self-Portraits: Inspiration & Techniques.

"I cannot live without books." Thomas Jefferson

"It is with the reading of books the same as with looking at pictures; one must without doubt, without hesitations, with assurance, admire what is beautiful." Vincent van Gogh


Block 9 Star BOM

Here is Block 9 of of Judy's (Patchwork Times) Star BOM.

I am only going to make a nine block quilt instead of thirteen so I am not making all the blocks. It is great being on holidays for two weeks as I have managed to catch up and here is block 6.


More additions to my favourite things

When I was in New York visiting my son I saw this fabulous seguro espiritual in a shop in the East Village and here it is on our lounge wall - thanks Richard for your wonderful gift. I have placed the candles in front of the Saints who look after safe travelling, success in business and the Virgen d Guadalupe who will protect my family.I also love to collect postcards and here is a fabulous one that Justine and Andrew sent from Paris.

Adding to my collection

I love silver thimbles and I have collected quite a few. I was so thrilled to get a gold thimble from my husband for Christmas. It was made by Simons of Philadelphia, USA and has the name Morcy engraved on it. I am unsure how old it is but it is truly beautiful and I shall always treasure it. I try to use my silver thimbles when I am quilting but I don't think I will use this gold one - I will just look at it and love it.

That Suki girl

We have been looking after Justine and Andrew's gorgeous ragdoll cat 'Suki' whilst they are overseas. Here she is looking very thoughtful and beautiful. She has been such a lot of fun and it has been so nice to have a quilt buddy and I will miss her when she goes home.


Happy New Year to our son, Richard, in New York and Happy New Year to our daughter, Justine, and son-in-law, Andrew in Paris. Wow! New Year's Eve in Paris and New York.

I had a wonderful 2008, Richard came home for a visit from New York with his absolutely lovely girlfriend, Ann.
I got to spend time with my two children in Sydney which was just the most wonderful time for me.I can't forget a photo of our wonderful son-in-law, Andrew. We are so happy to have Andrew as part of our family.