Friday, January 01, 2010

Sparky's Owlet

I saw the most gorgeous owls on Craft Schmaft's blog made with socks. They are just gorgeous and I wanted to make one before our Grandson is born. I bought the kit for Cloudy the mini owl and I sat this morning and had a wonderful time making him. I just love him and I hope Sparky (the name we call our grandson before he is born) likes his little owlet. It was made with lots of love by Nanna.


I had a lovely day yesterday spending time with our daughter, Justine, baby clothes shopping. Oh what a joy it is to spend time looking (and buying) baby things. We just can't wait till March to see our already much loved grandson.
I did manage to stay awake till midnight last night so that I could send Happy Aussie New Year wishes to our son, Richard and his girlfriend Ann, in New York.
Being on holidays I have had a great time reading and watching the books and DVDs I got for Christmas. I love cooking books and here are two of them: Food Safari and The Thrifty Kitchen.
My favourite cooking book that I got is Monica Trapaga's 'She's Leaving Home'. I just loved this book, the drawings were wonderful and quirky and the recipes fabulous and I especially enjoyed reading about Monica's family.
I also got some DVD's and I have been enjoying myself watching the gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin in Moonlight and Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote.