Sunday, April 26, 2009

Class with Sue Spargo

I still haven't come down from the high of meeting and attending a two day workshop with Sue Spargo. Sue is a fabulously talented, creative, and super person who was so happy to share her creative thoughts and inspire us with her magnificent quilts. It was also great to meet Sue's sister Wendy who had travelled to Australia with her. Here is a photo of Sue (and myself) and her magnificent Magnolia quilt which was the basis of our class.

The class was held at The Quilters' Store and Karen did a wonderful job. As always the shop was filled with many wonderful threads, fabrics and books to tempt us. I got a wonderful surprise for morning tea - it is my birthday this month and Karen came out with a birthday cake for another quilter and myself - you made my day Karen - many many thanks.
I made block #3 from Sue's book Magnolia. It was wonderful to see all the different interpretations of Sue's blocks and the use of many different fabrics and I especially enjoyed using wool felt. I will never forget Sue's wonderful African animals, birds, leaves etc all made with wool felt. I will always remember these two special days filled with creativity, laughs, learning, friendship and seeing Sue's art up close and personal. Thanks Sue, Wendy, Karen, all the girls in the shop and all the quilters I met.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No quilting but some shopping

I have been very busy at work so sadly not much quilting done. I am still working on my Pie and Tart quilt and Polka Dot Girls stitchery and having a fabulous time but not much progress made - oh for the day when I retire.
I have made a few purchases on etsy. Dot (famous for the Dotee doll) makes these amazing, beautiful, fabulous beaded birds and I finally managed to purchase one from her fabulous etsy store creatarian - Isn't she just lovely! You can read all about the wonderful Dot on her blog.

I love ACEOs and found some super ones as well as mirrors and magnets on Lindy Longhurst's serpentmandalas etsy shop. I bought more things than in the photo but they are presents for a friend so I can't show them just yet. I really enjoy reading Lindy's blog.

Matryoshka dolls are a favourite of mine and I bought these delightful ACEOs (the one on the left is an original) from loriotndorr.

It is my birthday this month and I bought myself the new Marilyn Monroe Barbie. I have to admit that I love barbies but I rarely buy new ones. I prefer buying old ones from op shops but I just couldn't resist this fabulous lady.