Monday, September 21, 2015

This and That

I feel so happy that I am finally quilting again. It seems such a long time since I have wanted to pick up a needle and sew. I have had this Pies and Tarts BOM quilt waiting for me to begin again. I love bright colours but I find that I am enjoying working with these colours that are not really me. I am not a paper piecer either but I am finding the process very relaxing and enjoyable.

My favourite flowers are pansies and I am filled with such joy when I look at the window boxes on our back deck filled with these delightful colourful beauties. Spring is such a wonderful time.

I am growing herbs too. Mint and basil are my favourites.

Even though I am back quilting I still find time for some mixed media painting. I bought some more Dina Wakley stencils and I had such fun playing around with them. Surrender is a word that keeps cropping up for me this year.