Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kokeshi Dolls
I love to collect kokeshi dolls and here are some of my new ones. I have found a shop in Brisbane that sells them so it is easy for me to buy them now - my husband is not as happy as I am though.
Our furry visitor
Here is a photo of a brushtail possum who sometimes comes to stay in my husband's workshop. My husband has been known to give him a piece of apple. He is just so cute and never bothers if my husband is doing something noisy. He probably visits once a week so it is a special time for us when we see him.

I made this cloth dragon for my husband. The pattern was designed by Melinda Small Paterson who has designed some fabulous dragons. I especially loved this dragon as he just oozes character. I think of him as our house protector. He took me many hours to make but I had a great time making him and best of all my husband just loves him.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Colourful visitors These are a few of the lorikeets who visit us. What a display

One of the boys. Here is a photo of one of the Kookaburras who visit us everyday. I just love this photo. The brown bird in the background is a juvenile butcher bird who is hoping for a free feed.