Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some more bookmarks and books
Just can't resist bookmarks and I found these gorgeous ones on ebay. These gorgeous girls are called "Flapper Follies" and I think they are just divine. They will get lots of use as I can't stop buying books and here are a few of my latest buys.

My walk to work
Here are some photos of the places I see as I walk to work from the railway station. The first photo is of the start of the walk down to the Eleanor Schonell Bridge crossing the Brisbane River. The bridge is a great way to get to the University of Queensland and it is Australia's only foot, bus and cycle bridge. The second photo is of the Eleanor Schonell Bridge looking from Dutton Park towards St Lucia and you can just see some University buildings above the tree line. The next photo is the walkway across the bridge. Here are a family of ducks who live near the lakes in the University grounds.
The last photos are of the Great Court. It is the most beautiful place and a lovely place to sit during the day.