Saturday, September 02, 2006

My beautiful children
My blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of my beautiful children. They have achieved so much, both have PhD's, and professionally they are achieving wonderful things. My darling daughter, loves her boyfriend Andrew, her two ragdoll cats - kiki and suki, clothes designed by Dogstar and jewellery especially from Tiffanys. My darling son lives in New York and works on Wall Street. I am waiting for him to get his Armani suit. He loves all things NY, skateboarding and going out for a good time with his many friends. They are the most wonderful people - intelligent, fun to be with, ambitious but with a sense of compassion. I am very proud of them. Love you heaps....Mum

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  1. Hi Mum

    Thank you for the lovely things you wrote - it is nice to appear on your fabulous blog! Will keep checking it for updates!

    Love Justine