Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kookaburra Wallhanging
This wallhanging was based on a photo I took of two kookaburras who visit us everyday. It isn't finished yet and as I don't get much time these days for quilting I am not sure just when I will ever finish it. I usually only ever do hand applique but this was started in a class with Jenny Bowker, whose work I am in awe of, and she taught us all about using Vliesofix to attach the pieces. This is one of my favourite quilts containing one of my favourite birds so hopefully one day it will be hanging in our lounge.

Ebay buying
I have been having a lot of fun buying on ebay lately. One of the favourite things I have bid on and won is this fabulous bracelet from Canada. My husband thinks I am a bit of a witch so this bracelet was for me. It is called witching hour and as it is nearly Halloween it seems appropriate to put it on my blog. I just love it - it has witches, cats, an owl, a skull with a moving bottom jaw, a clock nearly at the witching hour, stars, moons and lots and lots of beautiful beads. I am really enjoying myself on ebay, I have bought a gorgeous Barbie doll (I think I am enjoying my second childhood) and some stuff for my husband. There is a beautiful bracelet that I would like so I am hoping that I am lucky enough to get it. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that I don't get outbid.
Some Visitors
Here are some of the birds who visit us everyday. They bring us some much pleasure. The best times are when they bring their young. Here are four galahs enjoying some food. Our favourite is one we call 'Stumpy'. He has lost one of his legs but he still manages to push his way in for a feed, sadly he is not in this photo.
Another of our favourites are the butcher birds. Here are two photos of an adult (just gorgeous) and a juvenile with some lorikeets. Some other birds we get visiting us are kookaburras and magpies. We feel so privileged to have these wild birds coming to our back deck. We love to listen to their magnificent calls. I must admit my favourite is the kookaburra.