Sunday, January 18, 2009

Polka-Dot Girls

I have finally finished by first block of Bronwyn Hayes' Polka-Dot Girls quilt. I am so happy to have found a group who are making these gorgeous blocks so I am going to have lots of fun whilst working on this delightful quilt. I only get the weekends to work on my quilting/stitchery so I try to make the most of every minute. I have become quite the 'weekend hermit' and I can't quite believe this but I don't even want to go shopping anymore (except for more fabric, threads etc.). I am going to work on my applique quilt today and listen to one of my favourite Agatha Christie stories.


  1. That is just so adorable! You did such a great job!

    I have this pattern on my "want" list. I am like you, only can sew on the weekends. I wish Saturday and Sunday went as slow as Monday and Tuesday. LOL!

  2. Yes I agree...lovely!It has been SO hot and Horrible I do is sew and listen to audio Books. Oliver Twist is taking me Far Away. Just love audio bks. Been listening to some for teens. really good stories too. Mum's got them at the moment.


  3. What a great idea - listening to a book on tape while stitching your Polka A Dot girls...
    Thank you for your nice comments on my stitchery.
    I LOVE yours with all the different color stitching. I saw yours and did a little different color on some of the words on mine. Thank you for that!!