Sunday, April 12, 2009

No quilting but some shopping

I have been very busy at work so sadly not much quilting done. I am still working on my Pie and Tart quilt and Polka Dot Girls stitchery and having a fabulous time but not much progress made - oh for the day when I retire.
I have made a few purchases on etsy. Dot (famous for the Dotee doll) makes these amazing, beautiful, fabulous beaded birds and I finally managed to purchase one from her fabulous etsy store creatarian - Isn't she just lovely! You can read all about the wonderful Dot on her blog.

I love ACEOs and found some super ones as well as mirrors and magnets on Lindy Longhurst's serpentmandalas etsy shop. I bought more things than in the photo but they are presents for a friend so I can't show them just yet. I really enjoy reading Lindy's blog.

Matryoshka dolls are a favourite of mine and I bought these delightful ACEOs (the one on the left is an original) from loriotndorr.

It is my birthday this month and I bought myself the new Marilyn Monroe Barbie. I have to admit that I love barbies but I rarely buy new ones. I prefer buying old ones from op shops but I just couldn't resist this fabulous lady.


  1. Love your blog, Linda. Happy Birthday for this month. We will have to catch up some time. June D.

  2. Hi June, I couldn't find your blog to reply so I just want to thank you for your lovely comments. Hope we can get in touch. Linda

  3. The beaded bird is oh so pretty! What a good buy.