Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, rain more rain and crochet

What a week it has been. So much rain fell over south east Queensland and so many homes have been flooded in Brisbane. My friend, Di, who has had a wonderful holiday touring New South Wales is trapped by the flood waters in northern NSW.
It was lovely to crochet at night and hear the rain on the roof (I felt sad for the possums who visit as they must have been very wet and cold). Peter (the female possum) came to sleep in the garage during the week so it was nice to know she was warm and dry for a few nights.
I have been inspired by quite a few English bloggers lately, my favourite one is Lucy's, who has the most colourful and fabulous crochet on her blog. Here is my latest work in progress - a wave stitch coverlet (it has been folded in three so it's a nice snuggly size). I am having a great time crocheting as it is so relaxing and I was thrilled when my daughter (who has a great blog Satsuki Designs) wants to learn how to crochet. She is a wonderful daughter, sewer, jewellery maker and hopefully now a crochet diva.As it is getting colder I can start some of my cross stitch projects. I have finally got my "Little House Neighborhood" pattern and I can't wait to start. I have seen it on quite a few blogs and it is just gorgeous. I love sampler designs so as soon as I get the threads I can start. I have a few Charles Wysocki cross stitch kits to finish and I also have quite a few of his jigsaws. I love naive art and the art of Charles Wysocki in particular.

Our daughter is coming for a visit soon which is wonderful and our son is enjoying himself in San Diego. It is my husband's birthday next week so I am looking forward to that, lots of books waiting for me at the library and an afternoon of sewing so I am very happy.


  1. I love your wave stitch coverlet and am looking forward to the crochet lessons very soon! I will have my crochet hook ready :)

  2. HI Linda, Hasn't the weather been dreadful? I don't usually complain, but I haven't seemed to have achieved much even though it's been raining. I never learned to crochet properly, but I was an OK knitter... love your new blanket, gorgeous colours.
    Ann :)