Sunday, January 03, 2016


It is always such a great joy every year to look out for a baby kookaburra (it is always around Christmas Day that we usually have our first sighting). Happily this year there are at least two babies. They are so adorable and we absolutely love them.

I am taking part again in Ali Edwards' One Little Word again this year and my word is FOCUS. I am excited about working with this word during the year. I really want to focus on the things dearest to me - my family, my health, my home and my interests. Hopefully I can focus on what I have NOT what I think I have to have.

This year I am also taking part in Cathy Zielske's FIT. I have been so motivated to walk and exercise since I got my fitbit flex. It is just the boost I needed to try to live as healthy as I can and I know Cathy's course will give me lots of ideas, encouragement and fabulous handouts to keep me motivated throughout the year.  

I love oracle cards and one of my favourite decks is Connected and Free. I pulled these two cards when asking about 2016. I was thrilled to see Abundance (this word keeps cropping up for me lately) and the card for the Third Eye Chakra - this is the card of sight and awareness.

Looking forward to being a bit more focused on my blog this year :)


  1. It is so lovely to watch the native birds. We have king parrots visit our garden almost everyday to feed off the native plants. Focus is a great word and I hope you achieve all that it means to you/ Cheers Pauline

  2. Jumping across to you from my blog, Linda. How lovely to see a photo of kookaburras. I love their happy laughter:) We have lots of different native birds here and have recently been watching a mother butcher bird feeding her young one. What a noise the little bird makes until Mama feeds it!