Sunday, January 06, 2008

Momiji dolls
As well as my love of kokeshi dolls I have found momiji dolls. They are really cute and I just love them. My daughter bought me my first one (peaches) when she went to Sydney. I have since bought four from GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art, in Brisbane) when I went there with my son (he wasn't fazed when I bought four at once) and yesterday I bought another one (laughing). They all have descriptions of what they like. From left to right: laughing - cowboys and playing the bongos; cherries - collecting buttons and elton john; cha cha cha - the sound of music; giggles - reading, butterflies and rugby; peaches - marmite and jackie chan and blu - flip flops and bach's cello suite no. 5 in c minor.

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