Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pandora bracelet
I got a pandora bracelet from my husband for Christmas. He let me pick out what I wanted to go on it so I had a great time picking out charms to go on it. I chose hearts, a pumpkin (when I was in NYC it was near to Thanksgiving and the shops were filled with orange pumpkins so this is a happy reminder of my holiday with my son), a suitcase for my trip (and Paris on the suitcase - I would love to go to Paris), the sign for Taurus, L for Linda, the symbol for happiness, the "mother" I got from my daughter for Christmas (something I shall always cherish) and the glass beads which I just adore. I just love this bracelet as it reflects all the things I love. I have a lot of fun thinking about what I will add next.


  1. My daughter and I have been trying to figure out the location on the flip side of the suitcase charm. We could easily identify Paris...any clue where "DK" is?

  2. Hi Sandy, Sorry I haven't answered your question earlier but I have been waiting to talk to my daughter to see if she had any idea where DK was. Sadly she had no idea either and it will probably turn out to be the designer's initials. I wish it would have been LA or NYC. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Hugs Linda