Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pandora bracelet
I got a pandora bracelet from my husband for Christmas. He let me pick out what I wanted to go on it so I had a great time picking out charms to go on it. I chose hearts, a pumpkin (when I was in NYC it was near to Thanksgiving and the shops were filled with orange pumpkins so this is a happy reminder of my holiday with my son), a suitcase for my trip (and Paris on the suitcase - I would love to go to Paris), the sign for Taurus, L for Linda, the symbol for happiness, the "mother" I got from my daughter for Christmas (something I shall always cherish) and the glass beads which I just adore. I just love this bracelet as it reflects all the things I love. I have a lot of fun thinking about what I will add next.
My Girls

I also love Blythe and Pullip dolls. I have four Blythes (one is still in the box). Here is a photo of them in my display cabinet. The blonde one is lili lou (Sunday Very Best); the blue one is misayo san - the LES girl (Asian Butterfly Encore) and the brown haired one is kooki (Birdie Blue). I just love these dolls and I have had fun getting new clothes for them and I especially love the lolita shoes that lili lou is wearing. There are many collectors of Blythe dolls around the world. I also love Marilyn Monroe dolls as you can see.
I have recently started collecting pullip dolls. I think these are very beautiful dolls. The one of the left is Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys's and the blonde one is Miss America with tiara. The doll in the box at the back is the New York Haute Doll Pullip, a limited edition of 500, which features on the cover of Haute Doll magazine (Jan/Feb 2008). I just had to have this doll as she brings back many happy memories of my time in New York visiting my son. I just love that the doll has a dog and metro card as part of her accessories. Everywhere I went in New York I saw people walking their dogs - it was just amazing the size of some of the dogs that must live in apartments.

Here is my favourite photo of Miss America. Isn't she just fabulous?

Momiji dolls
As well as my love of kokeshi dolls I have found momiji dolls. They are really cute and I just love them. My daughter bought me my first one (peaches) when she went to Sydney. I have since bought four from GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art, in Brisbane) when I went there with my son (he wasn't fazed when I bought four at once) and yesterday I bought another one (laughing). They all have descriptions of what they like. From left to right: laughing - cowboys and playing the bongos; cherries - collecting buttons and elton john; cha cha cha - the sound of music; giggles - reading, butterflies and rugby; peaches - marmite and jackie chan and blu - flip flops and bach's cello suite no. 5 in c minor.